Tuesday, January 31, 2012

you microwaved what!?

so...this crazy little experiment has been floating around the interwebs lately. being that we are a crazy little homeschool family, we just had to try it.  enter the ivory soap experiment... or if you want to sound like you are really 'learning' something you can call it the charles law experiment. basically... you stick a bar of ivory soap in the micro and watch it turn into a big fluffy cloud! it is pretty darn cool.
to make it more of an 'official' science experiment the kids each wrote a hypothesis stating what they thought would happen and wrote their observations of the soaps pre-microwave.  all i had on hand as our comparison soap was an old mini bar of hotel soap. we microwaved that first and it pretty much just melted into a pile of something that resembled cat puke. gross. i will spare you the photo.
the ivory soap experiment did not fail us as you can see from our pictures...i'm pretty sure my kids thought i was the coolest science teacher ever- that day. try it... i promise you will earn some cool points...and your house will smell ivory fresh. :)

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