Saturday, January 22, 2011

cookies and milk. and babies.

today i had the honor of throwing a dear friend a baby shower for her 4th bitty baby boy! what fun! our humble abode is quite humble and this momma has LOTS who love her! but we made it work and had an open house, cookies & milk themed shower. plenty of yummy goodies, and a stocked milk bar made for a fun day! the momma of 4-to-be was pampered with a manicure (thanks sherry! did you miss your calling!?), surprised by a far away friend, and showered with so many cute things for baby. thank you to all those who gave, helped bake and to those who came to show some love. we love you nancy and can't wait to meet #4!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

the many faces of jack avery

seriously, what is better than a cute kid fresh from a bath? jack is now tall enough to see himself in the bathroom mirror and this is what happens. not just after bath. all. the. time. when left to his own devices, our silly kid entertains himself. he brings much joy to our life. it sure would be boring without him!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

the class clown and the book worm.

the christmas season is over and we are back to work. as thankful as i am for a break, this year, the return of our home school routine was welcome. it is so funny and quite interesting to experience being a parent, especially a home school one. these two little people growing up before my eyes are so funny, serious, insightful, smart, weird, innocent, loving, crazy, i could go on and on.  the older they get the more we realize how different they are from eachother! god has given them each individual personalities and it is a blessing to get to know them.  after recieving a new 50mm lens for my camera these were some of the first shots i captured. a true picture of their absolute different personalities. my class clown and my book worm. love.