Thursday, January 19, 2012

IOU :: happy birthday jack!

why yes, the fall swallowed us up with the beginning of our school year, (including jack's birthday!), christmas went by in a flash and now here we are almost to the end of january! yikes! so this is my official IOU post for mr. jack avery.
this guy... what can i say? he has my heart wrapped around his little finger. while he frustrates me to the core when it comes to getting stuff done, and seriously grosses me out with his little boy antics, how can i not love him! that face! his sweet heart is so soft to jesus and we pray that he grows to be a mighty man of God! he has the best example and his daddy is training him well..not only in the things of God but holding the door for the ladies and all. heart breaker, that kid. he is becoming quite the soccer player and has most recently taken a liking to skateboarding. he can't get enough of it! so... we look forward to the blessing of another year watching jack grow and i am sure he'll entertain us the whole way through!

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