Monday, January 11, 2010

every girl needs a place.

reading. tv watching. lap topping. stitching. praying. resting.
this has become my new place. a cozy little corner of our humble abode. just for me.
i likey.

Friday, January 1, 2010

ringing in a new year....

 back to blogging after a busy and fun christmas years eve 2009 will be one for the books. getting older and having littles has its of them being our excuse to stay in and eat lots of sweets instead of drinking ourselves silly like back in the "olden days".  we told the kids they could stay up till midnight for a movie marathon consisting of  plenty of cheesy movies.  our menu of gummy bears, m &m's, cracker jacks kept us going and seltzer with a splash of juice was our bubbly! a mean game of SORRY went down at around 9:30, where I proceeded to school everyone in the art of board gaming. jack crashed around 11 and gracie made it until the ball dropped. daddy even slept in the living room with the kids...sleeping bags and all (i snuck up to our comfy bed!). simple joys and lots of love. i am blessed. praying that 2010 brings many more joys, sorrows that make us stronger and the motivation to make a difference!