Wednesday, February 3, 2010

happily ever after.

three months to the day of my grandpa's passing, my dear sweet grandma closed her eyes and went to be with her love. we should have known it wouldn't be long...for they were hardly ever apart.
my grandma nancy holds such a special place in my heart and i have often secretly thought we were kindred spirits. my love for art, creativity, neatness and organization come from my grandma nancy. she always took the time to make things extra special for all of her grandkids. picnic scavenger hunts, painting rocks, baths in the lake, and hours of flipping through her detailed photo scrap books are all fond memories i have of time spent with my grandma.
the last few years grandma suffered from dementia, and when grandpa died i was able to spend some quiet time with her.  she was unaware of the sadness that was around her, but through her confusion still had a spark. i will treasure those moments.
although we all knew this time would come, it doesn't make it any easier. two people, who loved so great, and were loved by many will be sorely missed. a place in our hearts left empty.
i love you grandma and pray that this day you are whole again.