Wednesday, January 12, 2011

the class clown and the book worm.

the christmas season is over and we are back to work. as thankful as i am for a break, this year, the return of our home school routine was welcome. it is so funny and quite interesting to experience being a parent, especially a home school one. these two little people growing up before my eyes are so funny, serious, insightful, smart, weird, innocent, loving, crazy, i could go on and on.  the older they get the more we realize how different they are from eachother! god has given them each individual personalities and it is a blessing to get to know them.  after recieving a new 50mm lens for my camera these were some of the first shots i captured. a true picture of their absolute different personalities. my class clown and my book worm. love.

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  1. Everyday, a new adventure. Such cute pics!